Samusocial Moskva

Moscow, Russian Federation – established 2003 

Prise en charge Russie



Registered in November 2003, the samusocialMoskva, a non-commercial foundation under Russian law, has as its mission to improve the living conditions of people in danger on the streets of Moscow. Between 2005 and 2011, the SSM provided medical-psycho-social support to a large number of children and young adults, then in 2012 to single women or women with their children living in extreme precarity. Since 2014, the SSM has been working closely with the Moscow City Hall and its emergency social assistance system, the Social Patrol, and assisting desocialized people. The mission of the SSM has been renewed and is now organized around three components: medico-psycho-social care, exchanges of professional practices between specialists and the dissemination of the  samusocial experience.



Activities :


Mobile Help Teams

2 hours medical permanence per week provided by a SSM doctor.





Accueil 2Emergency Accommodation / Day Centre

The day centre, where two doctors and two psychologists ensure medical permanence, is open 2 days a week. The two psychologists of the SSM offer psychological follow-up as well as therapeutic workshops.




Actions 2Advocacy actions

In 2017, three two-hour awareness sessions on exclusion, based on the teachings of Dr Xavier Emmanuelli, were organized for a French-speaking audience in Moscow. An awareness session for the students of the French high school in Moscow was organized in the autumn; this presentation aroused the enthusiasm of high school students who decided to organize a clothing drive in favor of samusocialMoskva in December 2017.
Two conferences were organized in March: one for students of the Moscow Humanities University and the other at the French Institute in St. Petersburg.
In addition, the samusocialMoskva team presented its work and the  samusocial method at the 4th International Social and Labour Forum in Ulyanovsk at the invitation of the French Embassy in Russia; as well as a pilot study on the mental health of homeless people at the invitation of the Notchlezhka organisation in St Petersburg.
Finally, in December, samusocialMoskva launched its first online newsletter.



Key figures  2017 :

1972 beneficiaries of the action

82 night / day maraudes

1 socio-educational interview

1069 referrals in accommodation

698 medical care

3834 psychological interviews conducted



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